Knowledge Matters Co-op Ltd

knowledge-matters-logoKnowledge Matters offers expertise and skills to any person or persons through experience and educational programs, developed to deliver the understanding of any subject, theoretically and/or practically, utilizing cognitive and pedagogical processes of perception, learning, communication, association and reasoning, with the aim of providing an adequate understanding of any subject with the ability to use that subject for any specific purpose. The scope of the co-operative is to assist foreign medical students attending the University of Malta and similar institutions by providing them with an interactive targeted program of Medical-Maltese.  The co-operative is also targeting other students not necessary medical students, who require the knowledge of Medical-Maltese to be able to understand the communication between the Maltese speaking patient and the medical professional within state-owned care centres, hospitals and private care centres.  The co-operative is also targeting other Foreign renowned Universities established in Malta and who require such services.

Contact Details:
Address: Me’A, Ghemieri, L/O Rabat, Rabat RBT 4112
Telephone: +35699428788