MCF Members

Our Members

The Malta Co-operative Federation consists of a network of new-wave and successful Maltese cooperatives seeking to promote, strengthen and improve the co-operative model in Malta. The member co-operatives come from different sectors of the Maltese economy. The Federation works with its member co-operatives to establish ways in which co-operative principles can benefit members which, in turn, will provide excellent products and services to the clients and the general public they set out to serve. Below please find links to the every member of the Malta Co-operative Federation.

  • Comino Ferries
  • Consultancy Cooperative Ltd
  • Enerġija Pożittiva
  • Farm Advisory Services
  • Focal Point Transport Co-operative
  • Kixott
  • Knowledge Matters
  • Koperattiva Kulturali Universitarja
  • Koperattiva YouTheme
  • Malta Boatmen and Mooring Services Coop
  • Malta Maritime Pilots Cooperative
  • Mediacoop
  • Mediterranean Maritime Research & Training Cooperative
  • Port Formen Co-operative Limited
  • Malta Mooring Masters Cooperative Ltd.
  • Ramla Sunbeds and Umbrellas Coop
  • Recoop
  • Sportslink Coop
  • Transport for Disabled Persons Co-operative
  • Urban Lab Co-operative