It is our time to shine

‘It’s our time to shine’ is a video developed by Webgirl Consulting to promote the International Year of Co-operatives in Australia.  

A blueprint for a co-operative decade

ICA Director General Charles Gould speaks about the ‘Blue Print for a Co-operative Decade’. This document was considered in draft by the General Assembly of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) in Manchester in October 2012. Following comment and discussion the Blueprint was approved by the General Assembly and was issued in its …

Together – How cooperatives show resilience to the crisis

The documentary TOGETHER – How cooperatives show resilience to the crisis shows the resilience of the cooperatives and participative enterprises in industry and services to the crisis. The film bring forward emblematic examples of restructuring measures by cooperatives in four European countries: the Foundry de l’Aisne, an enterprise in crisis …