The Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Business upon the advice of the Chairperson of the Co-operatives Board has appointed the following persons on the Committee of the Central Co-operative Fund.  The Notice dated 22nd November 2013 has been published in the Government Notice No. 1295 in the Government Gazette No. 19183 of the 17th December 2013, Link to Government Notice.

The Minister’s appointed members on the Committee who shall serve up to the 7th July 2015 are  currently the following:

Members representing Co-operative Societies:

Mr Norman Cassar Ferrante
Mr Emanuel Falzon
Mr Paul Piscopo
Mr Victor Zarb

Members nominated by the Co-operatives Board from amongst the members of the Board:

Ms Frances Mifsud
Mr Angelo Azzopardi

Member nominated by the APEX organisation:

Mr Anton Muscat