ACT XXX of 2001

The co-operative legislation in Malta – The Cooperative Societies Act 2001 – was enacted to replace an older Act which dated back to 1978. The Act brought about some interesting changes, foremost of which is the incorporation of the seven Cooperative Principles as part and parcel of local legislation. Download the Cooperative Societies Act here.

History of Co-operative Legislation in Malta

The first form of legislation regulating co-operatives in Malta – the Co-operative Societies Ordinance – came into effect on 12th December 1946.

In 1975, the Co-operative Societies (Amendment) Act 1975 was passed in Parliament. Following a report by Professor Hans Munkner, the Co-operatives Societies Act of 1978 was introduced. This repealed the 1946 Ordinance.

Due to the fast changing local and international markets, the need for a refinement of the 1978 law was felt. The current Secretary General and CEO of the Malta Co-operative Federation, Mr. Rolan Micallef Attard, then a member of the Co‑operatives Board, was co-legislator in the re‑drafting of the Co‑operative Societies Act, Cap. 442 in 2001. This Act replaced that of 1978.