Malta Cooperatives

Malta Cooperatives | maltese cooperatives

Malta Cooperatives have been around for almost 70 years. The Maltese Co-operative Movement was established in 1947 and was initially made up of agricultural and fishing enterprises.

Today, besides agriculture and fisheries, Maltese co-operatives are active in a wide spectrum of diverse commercial sectors, such as transport, management and marketing consultancy, media, wholesale, health, maritime, archaeology, restoration, fair trade, lotto, tourism, youth services and community care.

There are currently over seventy co-operatives in Malta with around 5,200 members. These cooperatives have an average annual turnover of €76 million.

The Maltese Co-operative Movement is organised around four main bodies: the Co-operatives Board, the Central Co-operative Fund and two cooperative federations – the Malta Cooperative Federation and Koperattivi Malta.

Cooperatives in Malta are regulated by the Co-operative Societies Act (Act XXX of 2011).

The history of Malta Cooperatives is analysed in great detail in the book “L-Istorja tal-Koperattivi f’Malta” by Francis Galea.