Launch of the Malta Cooperative FederationThe Malta Co-operative Federation, made up if an array of cooperatives active in diverse sectors of the economy, was launched today (Friday 9th November, 2012) in Valletta. The Federation, which provides democratic access to all its member cooperatives, aims to:

  • Represent its member cooperatives, both locally and in international fora
  • Promote the cooperative model as a viable form of democratic, member controlled enterprise
  • Provide services to its members including training and consultancy services, including start-up cooperatives
  • Offer member cooperatives opportunities to network and synergise together, both locally and internationally
  • Provide an open forum for its member cooperatives in which ideas on achieving best practice are discussed and encouraged

The Malta Cooperative Federation will be working with member cooperatives to establish ways in which cooperative principles can benefit members which, in turn, provide excellent products and services to the clients they set out to serve.

The Malta Cooperative Federation is currently in the process of drawing up, discussing and finalising a work plan, which will form the basis of its work in the short, medium and long term future.