Dear Coops Europe & CECOP members, if you have arrived in Malta, welcome.  The Malta Co-operative Federation would have loved to welcome you in person.  But, you see, officials from your host organisation, Koperattivi Malta had other plans.  For four full years they have made sure that no funding ever reached the Malta Co-operative Federation; making it impossible for us to fund our ICA/Coops Europe and CECOP memberships.

For four full years, Koperattivi Malta availed itself of generous funding from the Central Co-operative Fund.  It paid its administrative staff, paid its international memberships, paid for delegations abroad, while it enjoyed the exclusive use of the premises owned by the Central Co-operative Fund, in Qormi.  The Malta Co-operative Federation did not get a single cent despite that its members together generate 50% of the total annual contribution to the Central Co-operative Fund (a public fund).

The Federation might have been starved of cash and lacked a place to meet, but it was never lacking on energy, ideas and generous, voluntary, human resources.

But now, we need a genuine co-operative hand. Co-operators stand up to injustice, and we are resorting to you, because we are aware of that.  Making your voice heard on this issue will go a long way in helping us.  Our member co-operatives are being sidelined and marginalised, just because they chose to better organise themselves in a Federation that they see as carrying much more promise for the co-operative movement as a whole.

We would be delighted to meet up with you should you spare some time to speak to us whilst in Malta.

Yours in co-operation,

Malta Co-operative Federation
Direct Contacts:
John Mallia (President) +356 9944 1840
Rolan Micallef Attard (CEO & Secretary General) +356 9942 8788