Knowledge Matters Coop

Knowledge Matters Co-op Ltd offers a wide range of expert advice for the setting-up and hand-holding of co-operative enterprises.

Co-operative Societies Formation and Setting-up: Knowledge Matters offers guidance in the preparation of cooperative statutes, coop business plans, the formal application to the Co-operative’s Board (the Regulator) and coaching for the interview with the Cooperatives Board prior to Registration.

Co-operative Societies Hand-Holding: Knowledge Matters offers guidance and assistance in all aspects of the cooperative’s life cycle, its operations, Member relationships, cooperative financial assistance and tax planning both to the cooperative society and its Members.

Serviced Co-operative Types: Worker co-operatives, Professionals coops, Agri coops, Retail co-ops, Services cooperatives, Consumer coops

Serviced Co-operative Sectors: professional services, advisory, EU projects, land and sea transport services, port services, tourism industry, agri-sector, persons with disabilities, clean energy, social economy, youth sector, cultural activities, training, media, sports

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