Koperattivi Malta

Previously Koperattivi Malta Logo | Cooperatives Malta Logo known as Apex, Koperattivi Malta is another federation of co-operatives in Malta. The non-political organisation is mostly composed by agricultural, transport and fishing co-operatives. The organisation’s main aim is to represent and provide vital services to its members in the fields of education,training and management consultancy.

Together with the Malta Co-operative Federation, Koperattivi Malta is working to increase the recognition of the cooperative model as a viable source of economic activity and job creation.

Apex was provisionally registered by the Co-operatives Board on the 20th December 1995 and formally registered on the 17th March 1997. The official name of the organisation and its logo were changed to Koperattivi Malta on the 14th March 2009.

The website of Koperattivi Malta can be reached here.