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407, 2020

MCF launches Assistance Package on World Coops Day

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Today, Saturday, 4th July 2020 is International Coops Day with the theme "Cooperatives for Climate Action". To celebrate this day, the Malta Co-operative Federation this morning launched an Assistance Package for its Member co-operatives, as well as Incentives for co-operative start-ups. This package is based on the responses received from well established cooperative societies to our call for feedback some weeks ago, as well as on our experience with co-operative registrations and start-ups. We believe that this package is a positive, sustainable impetus for the benefit of our member co-ops, as well as for potential ones. We are confident that [...]

1505, 2020

Malta Boatmen Mooring Services Co-op Limited join MCF

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The Malta Co-operative Federation Council enrolled the Malta Boatmen Mooring Services Co-op Limited as a new Member Society of the Federation on April 28, 2020. The MCF Council Members welcome the co-operative to the Federation.  With the affiliation of the Malta Boatmen Mooring Services Co-op Limited the MCF now boasts of a strong membership base in the maritime sector. MCF affiliated members working directly in the Maritime Sector now include; Comino Ferries Co-op Limited, Malta Boatmen Mooring Services Co-op Limited, Malta Maritime Pilots Co-operative Society Ltd, MMRTC, Ports Foremen Co-operative Ltd, Professional Nautical Services Cooperative Ltd

607, 2019

Coops 4 Decent Work – International Day of Co-operatives 2019 – MCF’s contributions

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#Coops4DecentWork - Today the Malta Co-operative Federation is celebrating the International Day of Co-operatives with one billion people around the world and with the International Co-operative Alliance. Click on the link below and find us on the map & find out what other co-operators are doing! The Malta Co-operative Federation launches a new video specifically for the International Day of Co-operatives 2019 - Coops4Decent Work   John Mallia, President of the Malta Co-operative Federation makes his point on the 2019 Coops Day in the Press      

407, 2019

SportsLink Coop Ltd join the Malta Co-operative Federation

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The Malta Co-operative Federation Council accepted Sportslink Coop Ltd as a new Member Society of the Federation on July 3, 2019. The MCF Council Members welcomed the members of this newly registered co-operative to the Federation. SportsLink Coop joins the growing family of sports cooperatives around the world. SportsLink will bring together regional, national and international sport events, including sport and multi-sport conferences to local communities.  The co-operative will also assist in transforming existing low-key sport competitions and develop them to important events. MCF CEO Rolan Micallef Attard thanked his fellow Council Members for all the hard work and hand-holding [...]

1903, 2018

Malta Co-operative Federation meets Dame Pauline Green

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Malta Co-operative Federation Council representatives today met Dame Pauline Green at the Federation's offices in Valletta. Dame Green, who is of Maltese descent, is a former President of the ICA, the International Co-operative Federation. Dame Green was accompanied by Mr. Bob Burlton, former Chair of the Co-operative Group. During a very cordial meeting, discussions focused on the challenges and opportunities pertaining to the Maltese Co-operative movement, as well as ways of how the co-operative business model can become more relevant in the Maltese economy.

2405, 2017 – reports on the 10 proposals for 2017 political parties electoral manifestos

By |May 24, 2017|Categories: In the press, News|0 Comments reports on the Malta Co-operative Federation's proposals for the 2017 political parties electoral manifestos.   The news portal give prominence to the Federation's proposals on Housing Co-operatives. "To respond to the disproportionately high housing and rental costs, co-operative housing schemes shall be encouraged, such that every family may have a chance to access modest housing." The news portal also reports that since its inception in 2012 the Malta Co-operative Federation is still suffering discrimination despite repeated promises made by Government to resolve this issue.

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