On the 11th February 2015 the Malta Co-operative Federation was invited to share its views with the Committee entrusted by the Maltese Government to evaluate the Public Sector Co-operative reform.  The Federation’s President Mr. John Mallia and the Federation’s CEO Mr. Rolan Micallef Attard represented the Malta Co-operative Federation.

Currently employees in the Public Sector may form Co-operative Societies under what are known as Scheme A and Scheme B.  These policies were launched in 1996 and have remained unaltered ever-since.  There are currently 4 registered co-operatives of this type in Malta and the Malta Co-operative Federation informed the Committee that it is currently assisting a group of government employees to start-up their own new co-operative, under the current schemes.

The issues raised for discussion by the Malta Co-operative covered the following topics:

  • Employee empowerment,
  • Work efficiency benefits,
  • Cost-savings for government departments,
  • Decrease in sick-leave,
  • Utilisation of idle time with work from outside sources,
  • Co-ordination effectiveness between the department director and the co-operative employees,
  • Increase in take-home-pay for the co-operative member/worker,
  • Autonomy and the ICA 4th principle,
  • EU public procurement  legislation,
  • Provisional registration with the Board,
  • Widening of salary scales for employees wishing to form or join a co-operative society formed under the schemes,
  • Success stories from other countries.

The Committee expressed its intention to involve further the Malta Co-operative Federation in its intent to provide Government with a revised range of proposals for implementation consideration.