On the 23rd November 2012, the Council Members of the Malta Co-operative Federation met the Co-operatives Board Members in Valletta. During this cordial meeting the Federation and the Board discussed issues of common interest in particular the proposal of the Federation that the Co-operative Societies Act should, in the current local economic reality allow for the minimum number of members of a co-operative society to be reduced to 3 instead of 5, in particular for worker co-operatives.

The Federation believes that the Co-operative Movement requires putting into practice the 6th ICA principle “Cooperation among Co-operatives”. The Federation shall be transparent and democratically controlled in the true spirit of the International Cooperative Alliance principles and values and shall profess inclusivity over exclusivity through networking irrespective of the economic sector a co-operative works in. Education and Member societies’ hand-holding shall be one of the Federation’s prime objectives.

The Council shall be assisting prospective and start-up co-operatives in reaching their co-operative objectives. Most of the Council Members of the Malta Co-operative Federation are co-operators who have worked and gained valuable experience within the structures of the Co-operative Movement in Malta and Internationally.