An MCF delegation presented its proposals to Partit Nazzjonalista for inclusion in the electoral manifesto for the upcoming general elections. The delegation met with Dr Alex Perici Calascione and with the Hon. Edwin Vassallo, MP.

The document, entitled ‘Unlocking Malta’s Co-operative Potential’, is based on four pillars:

  1. Acknowledging the co-operative potential at the political level,;
  2. Strengthening the legislative framework;
  3. Providing the right environment for effective community participation,;
  4. Education and awareness that encourage the setting up of co-operatives in different sectors of the Maltese economy.

MCF feels that more needs to be done in order to increase the number of cooperatives in all sectors. At a political level, more effort needs to be directed towards creating an environment that is more conducive to the development of the co-operative business model. The co-operative model can be a very important tool for investment, for providing viable work, and for people to become direct protagonists in wealth creation. The MCF is also looking forward to participate in the consultation exercise regarding the revamp of the Co-operative Societies Act, that government intends to launch shortly.

MCF will keep working to create better awareness of the co-operative model of business, and assist in the setting up of new co-operative initiatives in different sectors of the Maltese economy.

 The proposals are available here.