The Malta Co-operative Federation welcomes the discussion about the Social Enterprise Act launched yesterday in Malta’s parliament. The Bill, now in the second reading stage, is based on a White Paper published in 2015.

This legislation is vital for Malta as it provides a framework that gives official recognition status to Social Enterprises. This discussion comes at a crucial time when Malta is preparing its post-pandemic economic recovery. Social Enterprises are needed now more than ever. They have the potential to flourish post-Covid and become an essential social and economic pillar, much like other European Union countries and beyond.

MCF welcomes the fact that several points raised by the Federation back in 2015 were taken on board. The cooperative model of enterprise, which is a perfect fit with the social enterprise concept, will now enjoy a level playing field with other forms of enterprise.

On the other hand, some aspects of the proposed legislation need further examination and discussion since they could run counter to the setting up and smooth running of business-oriented social enterprises.

The Malta Co-operative Federation will be sharing its detailed comments on the proposed legislation in due course. We firmly believe that this Act presents a significant opportunity for a mature and open discussion that could lead to a final version of the ACT that will benefit many.