On the 9th July 2014, the Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Business, Hon. Chris Cardona, in reply to Parliamentary Question No. 8647 explained that:
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The plan of the Co-operatives Board for the years 2014/2015 will be that of addressing the following measures:

* During 2014 the Board will be conducting a full co-operative reform which will include the revision of the Regulations governing the Central Co-operative Fund in order to update these with the developments which are underway in the sector and to ensure that these funds are used in the most effective way for the benefit of the co-operative movement.

* The continuation of the process of strengthening the co-operative legislation to protect the actual needs of co-operatives.  This will include among several other issues addressing the concept of social co-operatives thus protecting the interests of disadvantaged persons. Consultation with all parties concerned is underway.

* Devising an education program to raise awareness of the co-operative model as an alternative to other business models. This plan will be addressing students, traders, professionals and the general public.  The Board will be working closely with the local councils to promote the co-operative model.

* Working to establish a level playing field for co-operatives so they may operate without disadvantages when compared to other enterprise models. For this purpose consultation with the co-operatives is underway to identify disadvantages currently faced by them.

* Promoting once again the use of the co-operative model in the Public Service .

* Continue to work to further reduce the number of co-operatives that do not comply with the legislation.

* Continue to work to close those liquidation cases that have been pending for a number of years.