The theme chosen for the International Co-operative Day 2014 celebrated on the 5th July is “Co-operative enterprises achieve sustainable development for all.”  Read the message of the International Co-operative Alliance.

International Co-operative Alliance BrandThe Malta Co-operative Federation is hopeful that the co-operative model may be an effective engine of sustainability all over the world.  Achieving this target depends also on the will and the courage of  our political leaders and policy makers to take bold decisions, making what seems difficult, possible.

In a scenario set by the ICA, the Malta Co-operative Federation (MCF) with its unique views and goals, born from a modern philosophy of looking at co-operativism in Malta in a completely new perspective shall be playing a key role as a facilitator in the expansion of creative enterprises in new and innovative co-operative sectors for Malta.

The Maltese government is encouraged to put in place the Federation’s proposed legislative mechanisms necessary to fairly allocate the available co-operative funding thus enabling the Federation to achieve its goals in the interest of the advancement of the Maltese co-operative movement in the quest to be a part of the global initiative of co-operative sustainable development.

Rolan Micallef Attard – CEO, Malta Co-operative Federation