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1201, 2016

Chief Pilot Capt Jesmond Mifsud on TVAM discussing cooperatives

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Malta Maritime Pilots Co-operative President, Chief Pilot Capt Jesmond Mifsud was a guest this morning on Malta's National Television Station's Breakfast Show, TVAM. Capt. Mifsud was invited to explain the co-operative model and to illustrate the achievements of the Malta Maritime Pilots Co-operative along the years. Capt. Mifsud listed the benefits of working in a co-operative, and how the co-operative model can be an alternative business proposition for persons who want to work together in a worker co-op. Workers, he explained can come together, pool their collective resources in a democratically-controlled enterprise (one-member-one vote system) and become owners of their own place of work. [...]

1307, 2015

ICA President Dame Pauline Green announces her early retirement

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The International Co-operative Alliance announced the retirement of its President, Dame Pauline Green to take effect at the close of the Alliance’s general assembly in Antalya, Turkey, on 13 November 2015. The Malta Co-operative Federation is indebted to Dame Green for her numerous contributions to the Maltese co-operative movement prior and during her tenure as President of the Alliance.

407, 2015

Co-operatives and the Fair Society

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This year’s theme for the International Day of Co-operatives is centred around the aspect of equality, and the role of co-operatives in making our societies fair and sustainable. With the advent of globalisation, there were dreams of a more equitable distribution of wealth, knowledge, people and technology. With the benefit of hindsight however, it is evident that we have been incapable of making the best of coming together: A recent Credit Suisse report estimated that the top one percent of the globe’s population possesses nearly half of the world’s wealth, whereas the bottom half of the world’s population holds less [...]

106, 2015

Federation’s President John Mallia on Radio Malta 2

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The President of the Malta Co-operative Federation, Mr John Mallia was interviewed on Radio Malta 2 hosted by Ms Pauline Miceli on her program at 11:30AM today the 1st June 2015. The topic covered co-operatives as an alternative business model. Mr Mallia answered questions relating to: • The seven international co-operative principles and co-operative values and how these relate to day to day function of a co-operative enterprise; • The origins of the international and local co-operative movement; and • How members and employees may benefit by working through a worker co-op. Mr. Mallia quoted some local statistics mainly that there [...]

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