20160112_075356Malta Maritime Pilots Co-operative President, Chief Pilot Capt Jesmond Mifsud was a guest this morning on Malta’s National Television Station’s Breakfast Show, TVAM. Capt. Mifsud was invited to explain the co-operative model and to illustrate the achievements of the Malta Maritime Pilots Co-operative along the years. Capt. Mifsud listed the benefits of working in a co-operative, and how the co-operative model can be an alternative business proposition for persons who want to work together in a worker co-op. Workers, he explained can come together, pool their collective resources in a democratically-controlled enterprise (one-member-one vote system) and become owners of their own place of work.  Capt. Mifsud stressed the need for a local educational effort which would expose students in entrepreneurship which would cover all forms of business models, including the co-op model.

The Malta Maritime Pilots Co-operative Society Limited and the Mediterranean Maritime Research and Training Centre (MMRTC) Society Co-operative Limited are both member societies of the Malta Co-operative Federation.

TVAM is hosted by Ms Norma Saliba.

If you are interested in setting-up a co-operative contact the Malta Co-operative Federation and we will discuss your idea with you in a professional manner.  Contact us now!