The Maritime Cooperative Network within the Malta Cooperative Federation has proposed a series of proposals to promote a better maritime industry.

The Network is comprised of six cooperatives, all of which are members of the Malta Cooperative Federation. These are Comino Ferries Cooperatives Ltd; Malta Boatmen and Mooring Services Cooperative Ltd; Malta Maritime Pilots Cooperative Ltd; Malta Mooring Masters Cooperative Ltd; Mediterranean Maritime Research and Training Centre Cooperative Ltd; Ports Foremen Cooperative Ltd.

The scope of this document is to provide politicians and policymakers with a set of proposals directly from maritime professionals that will make the industry stronger if implemented.

The proposals include:

  • Appointing a Minister responsible solely on Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy
  • The establishment of a Maritime Authority which includes within its structures statutory expert groups made of maritime professionals
  • The creation of a national maritime strategy
  • More research, training and education on maritime affairs in order to keep up with the industry’s demands
  • Strengthening Malta Maritime’s position internationally

The full document is available here.