As part of its work to promote a more co-operative economy, the Malta Cooperative Federation has submitted a report to Malta Enterprise with a view to make all Malta Enterprise schemes accessible to co-operatives.

The report includes an analysis on all 27 Malta Enterprise schemes with an assessment on whether co-operatives can access them and makes specific recommendations when a scheme is not fully accessible to co-operatives. MCF’s report notes that a number of Malta Enterprise schemes are not open to co-operatives at all, while others need updating to ensure that co-operatives can fully access them.

It is MCF’s intention to change this situation: co-operatives should be entitled to any scheme that other forms of enterprises are entitled to.

The position paper presented to Malta Enterprise is one of various initiatives undertaken by MCF to assist its members coops.

Last year, the Malta Cooperative Federation launched its own scheme, the AIMM Scheme, to assists its members coops in finding the right funding opportunities and offers up to €1000 for professional fees related to applications for Malta Enterprise Schemes, National and EU Funds.