The composition of the Co-operatives Board as announced on this website (now removed) and as announced in Government Notice No. 782 in the Government Gazette No. 19463 of the 14th August 2015 has been repealed by Government Notice No. 898 in the Government Gazette No. 19475 of the 18th September 2015.  The error in Government Notice No. 782 has now been rectified thus reinstating Mr. Carmelo Bugeja on the Co-operatives Board formerly erroneously omitted.

The former Board’s term ended on the 31st May 2015 while the newly Minister appointed members to the Co-operatives Board  who shall serve up to the 31st May 2016 are  currently the following:

Cooperatives Board Malta Logo


Mr Paul Debono


Dr Jonathan Attard
Mr Angelo Azzopardi
Mr Joe Abela
Mr Ivan V Buttigieg
Mr Carmelo Bugeja


Dr Lydia Abela