On September 1, 2015 the Council of the Malta Co-operative Federation approved Ramla Sunbeds and Umbrellas Co-op Limited as a new Member Society of the Federation.

The founder members of this newly registered co-operative are all from the island of Gozo. The co-operative offers sunbeds and umbrellas for lease to beach goers of Ramla Bay, at Xaghra Gozo.  The founder members who have been working in competition against each other will now bring together under one name individual experience in this sector. The President of the co-operative, Mr. Emanuel Portelli, is very enthusiastic about this new venture which he shall be undertaking together with his colleagues, formerly his direct competitors.  He believes that this co-operative will from now on offer all its customers a better beach experience.

Mr. Nigel Azzopardi and Ms Josianne Xerri, officials of the co-operative, lauded the Federation for its expertise in bringing together the six members of the co-operative, thus guiding on how to reaping the fruits of group effort for the future.

The founder members thanked the Co-operatives Board’s staff for their assistance during the application and registration process, during which process they have been guided by the CEO of the Federation, Mr. Rolan Micallef Attard.  Knowledge Matters Co-op Limited, an active member society of the Federation, has assisted the founder members of the new co-operative with designing a tailor-made statute, its business plan and all the application for registration documents for presentation to the Co-operatives Board, in the spirit of the sixth international co-operative principle “co-operation among co-operatives”.