On November 7, 2014 the Council of the Malta Co-operative Federation approved Urban Lab Cooperative Ltd as a new Member Society of the Federation.

The founder members of this newly registered co-operative are from Italy, Spain and Malta.  They have gained different complementary experiences over time in a variety of areas.  They have supported public authorities in the sectors of integrated programming, urban and regional planning, citizens’ participation, analysis and implementation of policies, energy saving and energy production from renewable sources.  They have also worked in the field of European Cohesion Policy (in particular, European Territorial Cooperation) and international development cooperation (in particular, working locally on the regeneration of historical towns and on urban programming).

The Co-operative’s intention is to bring this unique experience to Malta therefore supplying the Maltese society with efficient and sustainable services, such as:

-preparation of land use plans and urban strategic plans; research, monitoring and consultancy in the fields of spatial programming and planning, and urban, regional, environmental and local development policies; implementation, management and sale of Geographic Information Systems in support of public authorities and private businesses, as well as collection, storage and processing of data, and development of IT systems related to the above activities;

-technical  and architectural design; drafting of feasibility studies and technical and financial assessments; works supervision, safety supervision in construction sites; energy certification of buildings and consultancy on renewable energy sources; environmental services (including waste and energy-related situations); technical support to public authorities related to programming and assessment of public works; management of real estate, sale, barter of rustic and urban goods of any kind; construction, renovation, conversion, maintenance, administration and management of such assets for third parties; graphic design and multimedia production; information and communication technologies (ICT) and web development;

-implementation and management of training, information and communication services; organisation of exhibitions, installations, seminars, workshops, courses, participative labs, conferences, forums and other public events; management of cultural projects and initiatives;

-technical assistance on the Structural Funds of the European Union and their management; advice to public authorities and private businesses for the drafting and implementation of projects to be funded by national and EU funds; development cooperation;

-project management, general contracting, and global service activities related to the above fields. 

The President of the co-operative,  Architect Giovanni Manco and his committee members are extremely grateful for the support offered to them by the Federation’s Council Members.  Mr. Manco claims that the Federation’s Council Members were instrumental in assisting the 8 members, originating from three EU Member States, overcome the set-up complexities and coordinating all registration requirements.

The co-operative thanked the Co-operatives Board Members and their staff for their assistance during the application and registration process, during which process they have been guided by the CEO of the Federation, Mr. Rolan Micallef Attard and the Federation’s President Mr. John Mallia.  The co-operative has also been offered start-up assistance by Knowledge Matters Co-op Limited, an active member societies of the Federation, in the spirit of the sixth international co-operative principle “co-operation among co-operatives”.