The President of the Malta Co-operative Federation, Mr John Mallia was interviewed on Radio Malta 2 hosted by Ms Pauline Miceli on her program at 11:30AM today the 1st June 2015.

The topic covered co-operatives as an alternative business model.

Mr Mallia answered questions relating to:
• The seven international co-operative principles and co-operative values and how these relate to day to day function of a co-operative enterprise;
• The origins of the international and local co-operative movement; and
• How members and employees may benefit by working through a worker co-op.

Mr. Mallia quoted some local statistics mainly that there are 4,800 co-operative members in 69 registered societies in Malta, with a turnover of over €80 million, generating a surplus between them of over €7 million.

The President highlighted the various initiatives taken by the Malta Co-operative Federation throughout the current co-operative legislative reform presently still underway. Mr. Mallia finally indicated ways of how potential and existing co-operative societies may benefit from the professional services offered by MCF.